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The Dancer's Theatre

Midwest Youth Performing Arts Center


[ thee-uh-ter, theeuh- ] noun

from Greek théātron “seeing place"

Tap Shoes

Welcome to TDT

We are a nonprofit youth dance theatre and performing arts education center established in 2023.​

 Our mission is to provide an inclusive, safe, educational, and nurturing environment for the adolescent artists of the Des Moines Metro to create and thrive. Our offerings include classes, camps, and many other exciting enrichment opportunities throughout the year, including productions performed both in-house and in a classical auditorium setting. The faculty, staff, and board are all highly qualified in their fields, lifelong patrons of the humanities, and are firm believers in arts education as a key component to a child's social-emotional development.

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Ballet performance

Summer Camps

Childrens Show
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Musical Theatre

classes & productions

Drama Class
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Song & Dance

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Dancing Feet
Dance Theatre

stage & studio storytelling 

Repertory Company

our resident dance troupe

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